We interupt this 2011 Year In Review to bring you this important announcement.

Ok, here it is folks! THE BIG MEGA-HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

We wanted to wait until we announced it at the After Effects New York user group - FLYfx now has a new form of FLYing - we are the proud owners of a Steadicam Pilot and we are gonna be FLYing cameras as well as FX in the very near future!!!

If I had slept the night before I would have remembered to take a picture of us flying a camera around at AbleCine in NYC where we made the leap - but we will post pics for you asap.  This mofo is bad-ass and I can't wait to use it with our new HD cameras.  Special thanks to Emily Lepore who helped us make the decision.

FLYfx is really FLYing now!   YEAH BABY!!!

: )