We interupt this 2011 Year In Review to bring you this important announcement.

Ok, here it is folks! THE BIG MEGA-HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

We wanted to wait until we announced it at the After Effects New York user group - FLYfx now has a new form of FLYing - we are the proud owners of a Steadicam Pilot and we are gonna be FLYing cameras as well as FX in the very near future!!!

If I had slept the night before I would have remembered to take a picture of us flying a camera around at AbleCine in NYC where we made the leap - but we will post pics for you asap.  This mofo is bad-ass and I can't wait to use it with our new HD cameras.  Special thanks to Emily Lepore who helped us make the decision.

FLYfx is really FLYing now!   YEAH BABY!!!

: )

The FLYfx Year in Review is in full effect - go get a late pass. LOL!

Hey there gentle readers,

Please visit our Vimeo page to see The FLYfx 2011 Year in Review - already in progress.

More clips coming - STAY TUNED!

FLYfx 2011 Year In Review.

Looking back we had a really eclectic year. a little broadcast promotion work, a dab of point of purchase work, tons of agency work, some stuff for the web, some vfx for long form shows, a little network tv cleanup, even some music video and independent film work. Wow, what a ride! I can safely say, we are ready for anything here at the plant.  Stay tuned for more posts as we take a look back at 2011.