FLYfx - Now on Flame Premium 2013!

"It's evolution, baby." - Pearl Jam

Ralph Scaglione rocks on with FLYfx

NEW YORK, September 25th, 2012 -- Veteran compositor, fx-artist & editor, Ralph Scaglione, rocks on with, FLYfx. Since our evolution into a "virtual" company and ou
r upgrade to Flame Premium we have conquered some incredible technical challenges for our clients and as an overflow resource for other vfx houses.

Here at "the plant" :) FLYfx loves to be on the cutting edge - so naturally we are on the 2013 version of Flame Premium which means we have Flame 2013, Smoke 2013 and Lustre 2013! FLYfx's Flame features Sapphire, Tinder, the amazing Furnace plug-ins.  And, our recently upgraded Mac graphics setup, - including MOCHA Pro - gives us the opportunity to go completely bananas creating your digital magic.

Scaglione, being a seasoned commercial Smoke and Flame artist, is in a unique position to offer the latest Flame Premium toolset. "Clients are impressed by the power speed and flexibility of Super Smoke" says Ralph. "and our point of difference is that we are working outside of NYC which substantially lowers our overhead and allows us to push the limits of what we are doing on some of those special projects - like the one we have in house now - visual fx for a feature film!"

FLYfx has a reputation for no-compromise, cheerful solutions to the most impossible to the simplest, visual effects, design and finishing projects for commercials, film and television.

And again: Ralph is available on a freelance basis for smoke, flame, final cut pro, smoke on mac, mocha, effects supervision, vfx bidding, consultation and more!

How impossible is YOUR next visual fx project?

It's evolution, baby.

: )